we believe in love.
we live in the 60’s

love nation comes from hippies in the 60’s

The roaring 20s, 60s hippie, and centennial 90s.
Each generation comes with spiritual icon
Love, peace, freedom and dream
are the all-time classics of undistinguished passion
“Freedom and Carefree” is the brand spirit that truly represents Love Nation,
Which connects the young souls of all generations
In search of self wonder of fashion appeals following their own desire.

dare to dream,

dare to dream, dare to express.

Regardless of avant-garde or retro style, Love Nation builds each pair of eyewear
With the exceptionality of art pieces.
Put on the glasses with easy and free sensation.
You can perceive the confrontation and impact between different materials
Such as the wood, metal, leather, celluloid, and plastics.
You will be overwhelmed by the craft sophistication of perfect fusions.
One can even perceive the exceptionality from
the most common basic frame styles.

We believe that in the kingdom of Love Nation,
All fashion enthusiasts will find their own appeals.
It is the exceptional you who deserves the unparallel glasses.
It is the rarest beauty in life.